Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goose With The Golden Eggs

Never kill the goose that lays golden eggs. The fable of the 'golden-egg-laying goose', on the face of it, tells us about the folly of greed. But the story also gives us two other important lessons when we analyze it from the modern-day perspective.

The Golden Eggs are the favours that you receive (and need) whereas the Goose is the favour-broker or whoever that is useful to you.

1. A relationship will deteriorate when one of the persons realizes that he is just being used by the other.
If the goose realizes that you are taking care of it only for the eggs, it will, sooner than later, stop giving you eggs.

2. Being cultured means having the ability to say no when you have the opportunity of having more and you actually want more.
You could kill the goose by taking too many eggs. Exploit the resources too much and the land becomes fallow. Learn when to say no.

- Thomas Jay Cubb


  1. how about this.

    Goose will keep on giving you eggs so that you don't stop caring for it??

  2. dai.. my number is 9446022001 call me when u get here.. i will be here till april end... pankaj it is!!

  3. goose is trapped, knowing very well that it can't exist without the master it lays the eggs each and every day..the goose is dead without the master and the master too without the goose..symbiosis..