Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cocktail Notes

Some notes from a one-day session on cocktails (January 2006).

Tall glass- for soft-drinks based/soda-based.
Whisky glass - for on the rocks
Martini glass only small difference with Margarita glass

Thinner glass - better
Champagne glass - Tulip, Flute

How to tell the difference between glass and crystal
Glass pings, Crystal rings.

Hot cocktails - put a spoon in the glass while serving

Shakers - Stainless steel best; neutral does not
Silver - EPNS, keep in
Boston shaker - steel, plastic, glass on top

Holtain strainer

30 ml = 1 small
Prefer ice-scoop to ice-tong
Long spoon

Martinis - the litmus test of a bar-tender
Insider joke
dry=not sweet
Stirred is the classic one, not shaken.

Alcohol does not freeze if kept in freezer
Level of ice should be above that of alcohol

Balalaika- first cousin of margarita - vodka + orange liqueur (originally)

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