Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Otocorrect Jocks

Malayalees have an inclination for the round "O" sound when we talk.
For example, we tend to pronounce the word "Auto" as "Oto".
Being self-conscious and also self-effacing by nature, we make a genuine effort to oto-correct when we find we made a mistake, and pretend it never happened...often with hilarious consequences...

Here are two illustrations from real life (courtesy Jeswin & Abid)

1. --- JOBY --
Joby was a Malayalee who migrated to the US. People made so much fun of his pronunciation that the poor chap even changed the way he pronounced his name! Earlier, he was Joe-bee, now he was Job-bee!
Once, when Joby had come to Bangalore, we went out for lunch at a restaturant.
After taking the order, the waiter asked, "What would you like to drink, sir?"
"I'll have a Cock please. Thank you!"

2. --- VIVEK ---
Vivek (English was not his strong suit) was out on a trek with friends when he spotted a scarecrow in one of the fields
"Hey, look guys! A scapegoat!!!"
Everybody started laughing.
Vivek quickly oto-corrected himself,
"Oh, sorry! I meant scape-got."