Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deserts Were Seas

Logically and poetically, I suspect that deserts were once seas.

Both the desert and the sea are eternal sources of inspiration and sinks of enchantment. A person who likes one would like the other too...

Both are full of sand and things are in perpetual motion - it's only that in the ocean, water moves around while in the desert, the sand does. With both the desert and the sea, it is possible to stay put at one place and see the 'scape change. Things so similar just have to have the same once...

Petroleum is formed from the remains of animals and plants. Much of our oil comes from the desert, doesn't it? Now, how would the plants and animals have been buried so; it's hardly as if there were burial rituals for them, eh?

It had to be done by the waves in the seas that the deserts once were!