Friday, August 09, 2013

Under The Work Spell

Under the work-spell, we do a lot of things to "add value" and "get the job done".


The sales pitch goes: "We are the world's foremost specialists in spelling! Our special spellings will help others pronounce your word! Let us help you come up with the spelling for your word that you now pronounce as 'kyoo'".

Step 1: q (pronounced kyoo)..."Elegant and unique, q also has the k sound, what's more also has the pronounced as kyoo. Nifty, eh? But, there's more work to do."
Step 2: q-u (unpronounceable)..."Uh-oh! Are we really as good as we had claimed? But we have to add it...because of the mandatory u-after-q regulation..."
Step 3: q-u-e (pronounced kwe)..."Whew! That's better, at least it looks like a word now."
Step 4: q-u-e-u (pronounced kwe-oo?)..."Adding u is always a mistake. Lesson learnt."
Step 5: q-u-e-u-e (let's agree to prononounce it as "kyoo"!)..."Applying a lesson learnt, adding e after we mess up by adding u makes things better."

The spelling is now just great, don't you think?...(Let's ship this, before the customer realises what we are really doing!)

Q-U-E-U-E!...(Q(unique)-u(rules)-eue(beautiful pattern, don't you think, ue-ue) : Launch presentation)