Saturday, March 31, 2007

MetaQuizziks 17th Anniversary Quiz

Arul Mani and Mitesh Aggarwal conducted a quiz at the Daly Memorial Hall on the occasion of their team's (MetaQuizziks) 17 th anniversary (17th!). The quiz was open only to unseeded teams, the top 5 teams had to stay out, they were [quote] banned [unquote] from participating! More info at the KQA blog.

The quiz was very good - though Arul Mani seemed to be suffering from a love-quiz hangover; many Qs were of a scatological nature! Mitesh's set was top-notch, no complaints whatsoever. The prelims was a workable set.

It was an unsuccessful outing for my team this time around too, I will spare you the laments this time around though...mainly because I am writing this after a gap of one month! :-) The cutoff was 19; we (LC, RM, P and me as PASS) managed only 12. Vivek joined another team and managed to qualify.

(will be filled in soon, promise!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lao Me Thanda - KQA Love Quiz

QM: Arul Mani
Date: 04 March, 2007
(writing this on 01 May,2007)

Though the title was a play on Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender", the quiz was more heavily oriented towards the physical rather than the spiritual aspects of love , and the questions were definitely not tender!

This was more of a sex -quiz than a love-quiz! The QM deserves a pat on the back for painstaking (was it?) research and excellent presentation. The prurient adolescent behind the bearded, hirsute exterior of Arul Mani shone through at times!... :-) ... the set of questions put on show was enriching, if nothing else.

(coming soon)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2007

Jaidev Karunakaran conducted the last ranking quiz of the 2006-07 KQA season, the Ganash Nayak Memorial Open, at the Daly Memorial Hall today.

The quiz had more of a current affairs, newsy, factsy bias, a welcome change from the usual KQA trivial fare. But it suffered from bad execution; the QM was barely audible and when he was, the mumblings were of an incoherent nature. The initial buzz of the audience, undeniably and predictably, turned into the cacophony of hecklers at around the half-way point! Many of the questions were real snorters and were over the top for most people. On the plus side, however, there were a few gems and some with attitude also.

I also felt that the organizers should have actually taken the time out to really remember Ganesh Nayak; there was nothing whatsoever mentioned, at least nothing that I heard, about the person in whose memory this quiz was being organized.

As seems to be the trend nowadays, we (RM, LC, TJ and P) did not qualify :-(, but there were no regrets. The quiz goes down as an unqualified failure! :-( Actually, I'm beginning to think that I ought to change the name of this blog to Losers' Whine or something! Or maybe it's that I am more a Neville Cardus than a WG Grace! Or maybe that we must tweak our team a little bit.?

(will fill in soon, not many though)