Saturday, March 31, 2007

MetaQuizziks 17th Anniversary Quiz

Arul Mani and Mitesh Aggarwal conducted a quiz at the Daly Memorial Hall on the occasion of their team's (MetaQuizziks) 17 th anniversary (17th!). The quiz was open only to unseeded teams, the top 5 teams had to stay out, they were [quote] banned [unquote] from participating! More info at the KQA blog.

The quiz was very good - though Arul Mani seemed to be suffering from a love-quiz hangover; many Qs were of a scatological nature! Mitesh's set was top-notch, no complaints whatsoever. The prelims was a workable set.

It was an unsuccessful outing for my team this time around too, I will spare you the laments this time around though...mainly because I am writing this after a gap of one month! :-) The cutoff was 19; we (LC, RM, P and me as PASS) managed only 12. Vivek joined another team and managed to qualify.

(will be filled in soon, promise!)

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  1. "(will be filled in soon, promise!)"

    "Soon" ennu paranjaal ethra kaalamaanu ?