Saturday, September 18, 2010

Card Hacking With The Aashaan

On a lazy Saturday morning, nothing better to do - decide to analyze cards along with Nithin "Gokul" Rajagopal aka Cindy aka Aashaan, who has an insanely good visual memory...

Each face card (JKQ) is different!
Only card with a raised weapon - King Of Hearts
Only king without a moustache - King Hearts - He also has 4 hands in views. Hands up?
Only people with curls inwards - King Of Hearts and King Of Diamonds
Jack Spades is the only guys with multiple curls
Only cards showing the side-view - Jack Of Spades, Jack Of Hearts & King Of Diamonds
They don't care? Looking away from Sign - Jack Of Clubs, King Of Spades, Queen Of Spades, Jack Of Spades
King Of Clubs and the Queen Of Hearts don't have their sign on their attire! All the rest do!
(C)20100918 Aashaan

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