Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Apostrophe Catastrophe

Came across this post in Blogosphere about apostrophe abuse. Ended up writing a ditty there.. but could not edit it there... could not editee/a written ditty.

The abuse of the apostrophe is on my list of pet peeves as well. (The under-use of the hyphen is a close second)

Or, The abuse of apostrophe's,
Or, Its not right,
Or, Soon it will find it's grave!

Loud and strong
Proud and long
Grammarians complain
But it's all in vain
It'll happen now, and again
Then it'll be the common strain!
Sound and fury down the drain
Might as well say "Amen"!

- Thomas Jay Cubb


  1. Not so long ago:

  2. Classic case of nit picking of popular bloggers by bloggers with no readers! :-P