Sunday, February 25, 2007

Under The Peepal Tree 2007 Open(s)

RVCE organized two open quizzes today, at the Chinnaswamy Stadium's pavilion hall as part of their annual quiz fest, Under The Peepal Tree.

1) Audi Vidi Vici
QM: RV QuizCorp girl (don't know her name)
Audio Video Quiz open to all

2) Corporate Quiz (don't recall title)
QM: Avinash Mudaliar
General quiz, mixed corporates allowed

The prelims for the audio video quiz was pretty good but the final round devolved into a Simpsons quiz - there were way too many questions based on the Simpsons (especially), South Park and the like, mainly cartoons. And to top that, it was an insipid affair as well. The presentation skills of the QM left a lot to be desired. Thoroughly disappointed with the show, and feeling a bit hungry, I left in search of food, body-nourishment because neither soul nor mind were getting with the fare being served! Hence, don't know who won it.

Perhaps the organizers should have made better arrangements - there was no food available in the vicinity, finally managed a few bites only after sneaking in to the club area. (Coffee-biscuits were available, thanks for that but no real food, should have been thought of when holding an all-day event) And never forget basic things like the introduction of the QM and so on. And general note to QMs all over, do not assume that everybody knows you (somebody must do an intro) and everybody knows what you're talking about (don't skim/skip answers). Otherwise you alienate the audience, might as well do it over the net or something!

The corporate quiz was much better than the morning-debacle. The prelims set was well-rounded, though there were way too many sitters and did not really set the tone for the final round. The final round was of a different level than the prelims and many teams found the going really tough.

The final round saw an absent QM - Avinash Mudaliar hadn't turned up and the organizers put it...on the way! One of the QuizCorp members (don't know his name) did substitute duty and did a fair job of it. The questions, as Avinash later said after he turned up, was made by the QuizCorp team and perhaps that was the explanation for the confident show by the youngster. It was a hard-core trivia quiz; it was evident that the question-setters had taken pains to not tread the biz-quiz path! ('s an oxymoron, isn't it?) The rounds were called For the Peepal, By The Peepal, From the Peepal and so on.

Avinash Mudaliar,dressed for the occasion, turned up half-way through the quiz and took over from the volunteer QM. He livened up the proceedings with his maverick touch - smart-ass comments and quips, haphazardly courting and baiting the audience with prizes and so on. There were a few incidents of arbitrariness and injustices - an on-the-fly conversion of a normal round into a buzzer round, arguments with one of the participants et cetera. But hey, it's all in the game.

SuMo Yet So Far (Swaminathan and team from Chennai) walked away with top honours and the winner's cheque.They tied for first-place and clinched the issue on the tie-breaker deservedly (they had suffered a lot of negatives in the buzzer round). There has not been a single quiz that I have been to and Swaminathan was present, that he has not ended up winning! The list now reads Landmark Bangalore (my awakening), ITC Bangalore, Odyssey Chennai.... should I be his fan or am I his lucky charm?...just kidding about the lucky charm part, serious about the fan part... ;-)

For the A/V quiz, I had teamed up with Vivek, called ourselves "Our Duo, We Duo". Prasanth and Lloyd formed another team. (We had thought it was teams of 4) As it turned out, together we might have, but separately we didn't... qualify! We managed 7 or so, they managed 8 or so, and that too fairly disjoint sets. Throw in a few genuine misses and you've got an unbeatable DNQer's Whine! (DNQ=Did Not Qualify). Cut off was 12, I think.

Vivek abandoned ship for the afternoon quiz, as he wanted to attend the Crucible quiz which was also happening today - ditching us in favour of audience prizes and nostalgic kicks (he had won the 2006 edition). Team PASS's was very much a sinking ship today; Vivek made a wise choice. (Intended to self-deprecate ;-) I was hugely disappointed that we did not qualify for this one; the morning's failure did not qualify as a disappointment at all. Cut off was 16 or so, we managed only 12 out of 25.


(waiting for Prasanth to send in the transcripts, was so crestfallen and depressed that I could
not bring myself to take things down!)


(from Prasanth)

I am not including the AUDI VIDI VICI QUESTIONS.

1. Sequential connect : Visuals of DDLJ, KKHH, KHNH, ADITYA CHOPRA,KARAN JOHAR and NIKHIL ADVANI.

Ans. ADITYA CHOPRA( director of DDLJ, asst.director : KARAN JOHAR)

KARAN JOHAR(director of KKHH, asst . director: NIKHIL ADVANI)


2. Connect a movie clip and a pic of Russell Crowe.

Ans.The movie is THX 1138(as in the number plate of the car in the clip), the person standing beside the clar in the clip is Ron Howard and he directed ‘The Gladiator’ starring Russell Crowe. THX 1138 is the first movie of George Lucas.

3. Actor born in Jaunpur, U.P. Popular Bhojpuri actor. But earned nation wide fame for something else.

Ans. Ravi Kissen (Big Boss contestant)

4.Visual Connect : samosas, a pic of Lord Ganesha and a pic showing Arjun and Lord Krishna.

Ans.Things that were carried to space by Sunita Lynn Williams – Bhagwad Gita,samosas and a picture of Lord Ganesha

5.Id the voice featured in the audio clip.

Ans. Bianca Castafiore ( of Tin Tin fame) singing the ‘The Jewel Song’.

6. Some description which actually turned out to be J agdish Chandra Bose describing the electromagnetic wave.

7.some ads whose connection turned out to be Maggi

8.Who comes next in the series: Amitabh Bachan, pic of Eklavya(the real one), a pic of Dronacharya teaching the Pandavas,_______: Abhishek Bachan( whose upcoming movie is ‘Drona’).

9.Connect: One picture of EP-101 and Bruce Dickinson song.

Ans.EPSON( named after ‘son of EP-101’ later became Epson).Mascot of Bruce Dickinson’s band was called Epson.

10.Id the pic.(clue: connected to a style of music)

Ans. Calypso( greek myth)

11. ID the singers in the audio clip.

Ans.Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

12. First seen in a movie with Tom Hanks in 2000.A short biopic was sold along with the movie’s DVD titled “ The life and death of a Hollywood extra “.

Ans.Wilson the volleyball

13.Connect visual pics of two ships.

Ans. They are “Black Pearl “ of Pirates in the Caribbean and “African Queen” of the movie of the same name. The connection is they are the movies named after attractions in Disney Land rides.

14.Identify the musical instrument.

Ans. Jalra

15. A question on Black dogs( something that takes u on a “high” )whisky: basically the funda is that ‘black dog ‘ is an euphemism for hallucination due to sleep deprivation caused in truckers.Stems from the fact that black dogs dart in front of the trucks causing a wreck.

16.Visual connect : A map showing Poland, an athlete in black and white and Santhi soundararajan.

Ans. Ewa Klobukowska is the Polish athlete in B&W. The only athlete known to have failed a femininity. She was ruled ineligible for the European Cup women's track and field competition in 1967.

And the same fate happened to Santhi.

17.ID the actor in the movie clip.

Ans. David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla.

18.ID the monument in the movie clip.

Ans. St. Mary’s Virus Memorial which is dedicated to the game of Ring –a –Roses(from the movie “V for Vendetta”).

19.Connect the two pics.

Ans. 1ST pic : Mary Queen of Scots who loved the game of golf and is seen along with her “caddies”(origin of the term)

Second pic : King Henry VIII – He loved the sport of tennis and he had ball boys who used to pick up the ball and serve it to him.Thus arose the term “service” in tennis .

The connect: terms in modern day sports that were derived from royalties.

20.Some long passage about the drawing of lines: that was Cyril Radcliffe being responsible for drawing the actual lines of Partition.

21 the actor who comes next in the video clip( features some persons about to take a draw)

Ans. R.D.BURMAN who makes his first appearance in movies in Guru Dutt’s “Bhoot Bungla”.

22. Connect the “kuku kuku “ song from the movie Khal Nayak, a south Indian temple and a pic of Tipu Sultan.

Ans. The term “choli” takes its name from the Chola Dynasty who built that temple.(don’t know wat Tipu Sultan is doing here)

23.What is Steve Buscemi in Con Air referring to when he says this(music playing in the background) : "Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash."?

Ans. Lynyrd Skynyrd who met with a plane crash in1977.

24.Showed some pics of old Indian trains(including “FAIRY QUEEN”).

Ans.The term ‘express’ came into being.

25.Visual of a flower. In areas where the ground does not freeze, it can be a spectacular member of the summer garden. They like good drainage and grow well in a soil rich with organic matter. Some species are known as Spider Lilies.ID it and describe the funda behind it.

Ans.The flower is Hymenocallis and it is the foundation of the design for the Burj Dubai, U.A.E.

26. A visual coonect showing the Watergate Hotel and a the grid design of a car.

Ans. Computer Aided Designing – first building that used CAD in designing it.

27.Visuals of some tourist spots.What is the connection?

Ans. Sites that are included in the ” Ramayana trail “ tourism in Sri Lanka.

28.Connect the two comic pics of Asterix and Obelix.

Ans. The first pic pays tribute to GE and the second to Michelin.

29.Connect and ID the pics.

Ans. Naomi Watts, Sophie Loren, Lou Dhillon, Hillary Swank and Penelope Cruz. The connect is Pirelli Calendar – 2007.

30. Connect the visuals of two mountains.

Ans. Brands inspired by mountains. The Thumbs Up logo inspired by the first mountain and the design of Toblerone chocolate inspired by Mt.Matterhorn.

31.Connect the video and Sonic the HedgeHog.

Ans.The first video to be played on MTV and Sonic the HedgeHog is the mascot of Sega.The connect is VIACOM which owns these.(also Paramount).

32. Connect the pics and ID them.

Ans. A lightning bolt, a thunderbird , Electra ( greek myth) , sten gun, canon , and an emblem of lion capital criss-crossed by swords.The connect is Royal Enfield.

33.Some persons’ names along with certain names that they gave.

Ans. It was a contest to name the AsianPaints mascot which finally ended in the name Gattu.

34.Connect brands and footballers.

Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo- Pepe Jeans ; Ronaldinho-Lenovo ThinkPad ; Freddie Ljunberg – Calvin Klein

35.What was the 2006 “Brand of the year”?

Ans. The headbutt involving Zidane and Matterazzi.Zidane was wearing a jersey with adidas logo.

36Whatz the funda behind the company Hamburg Maxheimer and the FIFA WC 2006?

Ans.It is the insurance company that had insured the FIFA WC trophy.


  1. "Quizcorp girl" ????? ...
    you sexist!!!!! Its cos' of people like you that Gloria Steinem visits India !!! :0)

  2. well, sai, i have also mentioned the same thing about the boy who conducted the quiz. i wonder who the real sexist is... who could it be? not, who could it be?... ;-)

    anyway, what was her name?

  3. ... And speakin of Mudaliar's quizzes, the pattern wit his stuff is that the questions will be repeated for atleast three /four times in. Plus he conducts th quizzes after seeing who are th participants and then decides which questions to ask.
    In fact the choli- chola question has been asked twice before , and for the fourth time one week after the corp quiz. In fact, I know for sure that the questions asked in a college quiz one week later, were actually set by one of the RV guys ( used in th corp quiz). And the funny part is that the same 'college-guy' was participating in the inter-college quiz.

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  5. speaking of gloria Steinem, who visited MCC, where did those MCC girls disappear?