Monday, January 15, 2007

Ego Was

(From my earlier ego blurb!)

Thomas who? Thomas Jay Cubb. Programmer, writer, composer, poet, quizzer. Welcome to the Cubb!

Fame needs a name! - TJC
What's my name, again? Unlucky not to have been blessed with a particularly distinctive given name, but desperately craving fame, my jumbo ego would not let me choose anything but a homophonic pseudonym.

So it became a Jay for a J and a "Jay Cubb" for a Jacob! Thomas Jay Cubb. Now, what would you call that? A semipseudonym? A crudonym? Homophonodonym? Or just "nym", perhaps?

Expect nothing, and you will have no reason to be disappointed. - TJC
Try "Thomas Jay Cubb" in Google!!! I'm an inveterate ego-surfer. But so far, I've had to make my own web-waves to surf. :-(

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