Tuesday, January 03, 2006

20-Point Me

I have been tagged by Binu Ninan. Now I have to write 20 Random Things about myself. Well, here goes...

1* I am frank to a fault; I believe in telling the truth always because the truth will out sooner or later. I remember once I had been to a dinner and the host asked me whether I was bored and I replied, much to my parents' shock, that I was in face very bored!!! This has gotten me into trouble on many occasions and has also saved me trouble on a few. But a lot of people have told me that this is the one trait that they appreciate in me.

2* I like to lie when it is of no consequence. Meet me on a train or bus and I will assume a fictitious identity. It can be loads of fun, trying to keep up with your own lies! It's kind of hard, you should check it out. I term these endeavours "experiments in human behaviour" and these serve as a release for all the pent-up truth-pressure.

3* Most embarassing moment: When I was in the eighth standard, I hid under the desk before the English class started. I used to sit in the middle of the class. Halfway through the class, the teacher who had been sitting at his desk all the while, said "OK Thomas, now you can stand up." Everybody just stared at me and I did an ostrich- sitting down and pretending that nothing had happened.

4* I like making stupid jokes - punning. My mind (I consider it to be separate from "me") thinks literally, which a few people find impressive and many (more!) people find annoying, Literal thinking as opposed to lateral thinking but it's surprising how often the literal thinking leads to lateral.

5* Thing I find most annoying about me: I take the things I say, even the things I say in jest, too seriously somens and try to follow them. Though I crack a lot of jokes, I am really a very serious person.

6* Things I buy impulsively - books and music. I have burnt my fingers and my pockets many a time though, especially with music CDs. I believe naively that the possibility of discovering a gem outweighs the risk of the investment.

7* Pronounciation Blues. I remember that I was mighty impressed when I learnt that "rendezvous" was pronounced "rondevoo". Youth - I used to pronounce it as "yow-th" till I was 7. Whore (encountered often in Sidney Sheldon) is another word I used to mispronounce - woar.

8* First English sentence I said. I was 3 at the time. "It's Hot. Fan. Fan." My cousin Reeba keeps telling me (almost) each time we meet.

9* I wrote and directed a play for my school's Annual Day in 1998. The story was adapted (rip-off?) from the TV series "Small Wonder". I was criticized for this but I still maintain that the dialogue and the adaptation are what are most important. What was the ending of the last novel you read? I remember it featured a woman-lawyer who said "I am Mr. Lightfoot's woman-lawyer!" - the then-me's take on female chauvinism.

X* I don't drink and drive because I don't drive. A freakish bike accident nipped my driving career in the bud. I was never much of a driver in any case and I didn't much enjoy it, but my hand may be forced in the near future...so pedestrians better watch out!

Y* My current passions are watching the so-called 'art-house movies" and making cocktails. I am a big fan of Akira Kurosawa's movies. The best cocktails I make are Captain's Blood, Long Island Iced Tea and Brandy Alexander. It is absolutely essential to have a passion or two to make life somewhat meaningful.

Z* I tend to philosophize a lot. I am an inductive (from particular facts to a general conclusion)reasoner and often I frame wild theories. My thoughts fly off on tangents too. I guess this is why my writing is full of parentheses and why I can't drive for nuts! There I go again!

A* Life is a progression from one addiction to the next. These addictions make you "sin" or do things that you wouldn't have otherwise. My life==Coffy Bite--Pepsi--Chewing Gum--Beer--Cigarettes--Cocktails--- ?

B* Books are my WINE: I don't much fancy the alcoholic variety. Reading==Classics(Abridged)--Sheldon--Crichton--Grisham--SciFi---Heller---Classics(Unabridged)--Kafka--Award novels---Light fiction--?

C* WOMEN. Thus far, I have led a "Wine, Women And Song" lifestyle minus the women. I haven't had any romances or affairs yet. No one has ever fallen in love with me either...

D* SONG==Film songs--Carnatic Music--Country Music--Michael Jackson--Eagles--Iron Maiden---Black Sabbath--Heavy metal--Tom Petty--Country Music--?

E* I am a stickler for grammar and spelling. I hate it when people make mistakes in their writing and pretend that it was because "We haven't checked it. Why are you so pedantic?" or say "but this is also acceptable"
Pet Peeves (cause for irritation - I know): Perennial/Perpetual, Me/I, Its/It's, Missing '-'s
Pet Hounds (cause for confusion - I doubt): Did I use to do that?, India wins/India win THE MATCH

F* I love dogs. The day my dog Krypto died was the saddest day of my life. I have recently adopted (loosely) a stray; we call him "Gorby".

G* All-time Favourite lyric: "I know you won't let me down...because I'm already standing on the ground." from the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling." Favourite quote for the moment. "Drinking to get drunk is like having sex to get pregnant." from a site on cocktails.

H* Sports. Badminton. I used to play badminton right from my childhood. I have represented my college in University and District Badminton Association tournaments. I haven't won any tournaments but I have won a few matches at the district level. Cricket. I used to be a leg-spinner in my school days. This was before the Warne-Kumble-induced frenzy. My hero was Clarrie Grimmett and like him I used to bowl at one stump! But alas I could not bat or field. Chess. I used to live and breathe chess in my eleventh and twelfth. Only managed to get rid of the dangerous addiction: I even used to have dreams of queens and knights moving on unbounded chess boards. Haven't played chess professionally.


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