Friday, December 09, 2005


I bid adieu to my first company Ushustech in June 2005. This was my farewell letter, in verse!
(The annotations were not there in the original)


Two years ago
When I joined Ushus
I saw myself becoming
the US in UShUS.

Sayonara means goodbye in Japanese.
The company had a lot of Japanese customers.
Ushus, by the way, means morning.

But I saw that
the going was tough and
the tough were going!
I reassured myself that
They were just panickers!

When I joined, the company was having a rough time.
Panicker is also a common surname in Kerala, this led to some confusion! :-)

Might be a long way to the top
but with desire-fuel
lit by the fire in our bellies
We were the 'get-there-surely' s.

I kept my faith
in Ushus
Somehow I knew
that to the top,
Fate would push us
and not crush us.

My hopes were not belied
Business accelerated (!)
and the HP-era dawned.

The company was merged with Accel, another company which was owned by a Mr.Panicker. Prior to this, we had landed major deals with Hewlett-Packard and things were sunny again.

When the sun rises,
time for the twinkling stars
To take a break.

A little bit of self-congratulation! :-)
Now as I am leaving,
I see the U
in UshUs!
But if night should again fall
I'll be there
For U again!

- Thomas Jay Cubb

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  1. Excellent verse
    None the verse for wear ;)