Monday, October 03, 2005

Night Flight

Went to Delhi for my cousin's wedding on September 22.

Very nearly a one-liner.
"This is the last and final call. I repeat, this is the last and final call. I repeat..."
- Airport Announcer
Oh, the hypocrisy!

Was Passenger no. 49. Thought it was the name of a Wesley Snipes movie - later, much later realised that its name was actually Passenger 57 - in which the plane gets hijacked or something. There is a John Travolta movie called Ladder 49. Didn't share the tidbit with any of my co-passengers. Spared the blushes.

Seats are very uncomfortable. No leg-space. Got reminded of chickens being taken for slaughter!! On the plus side, no need to wear a seatbelt; so tightly are we packed.

It was my first night flight/
And the moon was on my right/
Clouds right below/
Lit soft and mellow/

Featherbeds or sand dunes?
In the sky or in the desert?

Then in a flash, the sky burst into flame. Lightning flooded the sky. The lady in the window seat tries to impress with lofty philosophical meanderings - How insignificant man is! The power of nature! - with allusions to Katrina thrown in for good measure. I quickly ground her in the middle of her flight of fancy by gently reminding her that we, members of the human race, were in fact flying at that moment- against the will of nature, so who's more powerful.

Silence can be bought with a cheap line.

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  1. "Silence can be bought with a cheap line."
    it was not coz of the cheap line, but coz of the fear that u instilled on her by a part of the phrase- "against the will of nature". Fear can do wonders on anyone. Wonders which you dont want to happen.