Monday, August 29, 2005

Time's Man Of The Year

Time's MoYs
Feminists, the reason I didn't use Person Of the Year was because the abbreviation TPoY would have unnecessarily reminded one of a certain piece of furniture... :-)

1. First things first. Who was the first person to be chosen as TIME's Man Of The Year?
2. In which year was the PC famously chosen as the first non-living TMoY?
3. Still on 'it', what was the next non-person TMoY?
4. Toughie. Grab that list! Who has been chosen as TMoY the most number of times?
5. A relatively easy one. Who was selected as person of the century by the magazine?
6. What were the trio Sherron Watkins, Cynthia Cooper, Kathleen Rowley who shared the last one collectively called? It's not Referees...
7. Who was the first non-American to be a TMoY? What you wear be you!
8. Who was the first woman to be chosen TMoY? Quite possibly the other woman...
9. Who is the youngest person to be a TMoY? Strange.. very strange. Could it be that the oldest is also the youngest???
10. Who is the only person to have been selected as TMoY in consecutive years?
11. Who received the honour in 1938? (Now why would I pick that year?)
12. Four people shared the TMoY in a certain year. All of them have also won the Nobel Prize. And strangely enough, they also shared Nobel Prizes when they did get them (separately, 2 + 2). Identify these Nobel couples.
13. Just to make it a couple of couple-questions...;-) Who were (was? grammar be my bane!! ) the first couple to be chosen as TMoY?

I'll stop at that. An un-nice, un-round number. Round me up!!!

The Clique Unoblique

1. Charles Lindbergh. Too many "Charles Augustus Lindbergh"s came in. Sniff, sniff...hmm..ok..Don't think I don't know you don't know ;-)
2. 1982. Point-blank.
3. Endangered Earth in 1988
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Have given points for just Roosevelt as well.
5. Albert Einstein
6. Whistleblowers. They blew the whistle on Enron, WorldCom and FBI respectively.
7. Mahatma Gandhi. Khadi!
8. Mrs. Wallis Simpson. The woman for whose love Edward VIII abdicated the
9. Charles Lindberg again. He was the first and hence the oldest as well!
10. Richard Nixon. In 1971 and 1972.
11. Adolf Hitler
12. The Peacemakers - Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, F.W. de Klerk and
Nelson Mandela
are the Nobel-couples!!! got so many 'curie'ous answers to this one!
13. Chiang Kaishek and Madam

14) TIME had a Man Of The Decade award once. Who won it? Which decade?
Mikhail Gorbachev. 1980s.

>I'll stop at that. An un-nice, un-round number. Round me up!!!
That's where everybody stopped! No further Qs came in... :-( Too bad each
of you thought that the "other person" would do it...

The Clique Unoblique
Sandeep Unni Adds:
* interestingly Elvis Presley topped the polls for the man of the century,
but time decided to honor Einstein.


  1. Date: Thu Feb 19, 2004 9:48 am
    Subject: Oraclique - I : TMoY sonofdelphi
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    this is a quiz that i had prepared 1 year back! but somehow hadn't posted it. some of you had reminded me of my promises recently..and then i also realized that i had not sent in a quiz to quiznet as a 21-year old! (today is my birthday and i will turn 22 today.) but that's only at 11:30 am . so technically i am still 21. hope this finds its way to you before that!!

    the added wisdom of a year makes me realize that what I intend with this series may not be fulfilled (refer intro), but i hope. . .

    9:45 am, Feb 19 2004

    P.S this might come up a little later only but even then it's ok! i'll be satisfied.

    From Feb 2003

    hi everybody!

    this is my second series - after queuriest., the cluesiest series that was.

    i intend this series as a sort of resource about topics i feel will be useful - translating to real points - in real quizzes. put together a set of Qs that will probe the depth of your knowledge about the topic at hand and , hopefully, help everybody to gain something of utility. many of these will be FAQs; essential facts. find them bland? then toss me the spice to flavour the answers-post.

    when you reply, do put in Qs (with answers) of ur own that you feel should have been included. so the answers-post can be encyclopaedic? (the pessimist that i am, i know it won't come to that, but hey you are welcome to prove me wrong. ;-)

    y the name? oraclique = oracle (of DELPHI get it?:-) + clique (you, the exclusive group. a clique is also a completely interconnected graph in CS = a net of related questions here) I call upon you to realize the ORACLIQUE.

    answers + more Qs&As from you in a couple of week's time.


  2. Date: Thu Feb 19, 2004 11:51 am
    Subject: Oraclique - I: TMoY - clarification sonofdelphi
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    there seems to be some confusion about oraclique. the quiz is still was just that it had been gathering dust in my Inbox for over a

    people have been asking me why there were no answers if it was a year old!!!
    and yet others took it is as my desperate plea for birthday wishes!!! (thanx
    for the bday wishes people!! thank you.) but i would be happier if you would

    please send in the answers! and more Qs if you feel like it.

    Results+ Answers + MoreQs on March 1, 2004.

    here comes the obligatory Q. make this oracliQ14 !!
    Q 14) TIME had a Man Of The Decade award once. Who won it? Which decade?


    ps now it's past 11:30!!!

  3. Date: Wed Mar 3, 2004 11:14 am
    Subject: Oraclique - I : TMoY - Answers sonofdelphi
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    here are the answers to Oraclique - I on TMoY. Was disappointed that not too
    many people contributed more Qs to make the answers-post
    encyclopaedic.(perhaps this was because it was already so??? :-)
    anyway, i had thought of adding some extra Qs here but decided against
    it...(nobody seemed to want to add more info anyway) you only get what you
    next up is the Oraclique on Flags. should arrive by next week.


    1. Rajiv Kumar - 11
    2. Vivek Yadav - 5
    3. Prathima Rodrigues - 1
    4. Samrat Sengupta - 6
    5. Sanjeev Chandran - 7
    6. Amit De - 10
    7. Abhishek Das - 8
    8. Raghavendra Badiger - 9
    9. Meghashyam Shirodkar - 5
    10. Desai Salil - 8 (i agree with you on the repulsive part)
    11. Debashish Bhattacharjee - 6
    12. Tapas Dutta - 5
    13. Hussain Poonawala - 5
    14. Gaurav Bhargava - 10 + 1 (Can't agree on Gorbachev)
    15. Roshan Mathews - 2
    16. Rajat Gururaj - 10
    17. Jaya Ghosh - 11 (From dormancy to eruption)
    18. Ashley Cherian - 2
    19. Siddharth K - 3
    20. Purple Heart - 8
    21. Salil Bijur - 7
    22. Bharat Parmar - 7
    23. Susan Rak - 12 + 0
    24. Ritesh Goenka - 11
    25. M. Shroff - 0
    26. Sandeep Unni - 7 (Half-guesses do add up you know)
    27. Surya Pappu - 7.5
    28. Kaushik Datta - 2
    29. Sachin Mehta - 6
    30. Prashanth Venkatesh - 8
    31. Ishaan pd - it was! :-(
    32. Debashree Mitra - 7.5
    33. Amit Bhatnagar - 7
    34. Kunal Malik - 6
    35. Budhaditya Bhattacharya - 7
    36. Cool Guy - 2
    37. Vrinda Pisharody - 4